Your product is guaranteed by ReSPR TECHNOLOGIES, Dallas TX 75240, USA. It guarantees the buyer that the product is free of any design, material or manufacturing defects (excluding the specific items listed) for the period mentioned below.
If during the warranty period applicable the product proves to be defective for design, material or construction reasons, ReSPR undertakes to re-order the defective product (or any part or parts that are ); at the discretion of ReSPR to replace it without additional charges.
1. The product must have been purchased and used only for normal purposes and in accordance with the standard operation instructions and the technical and / or safety standards required in the country where the product is to be used.
2. The product must be reported with a copy of this warranty and a proof of purchase immediately shows the defect, at the buyer's risk and expense, to the authorized seller from whom the product was purchased or to the nearest authorized seller. All requests must be made via the aforementioned seller or ReSPR Technologies, the details of which are provided at the bottom of this warranty.
3. This warranty does not apply in the event of damage caused by fire, accidents, improper use, wear and tear, negligence, unauthorized modifications or repairs, damage caused by installation, adaptation, modification, or improper or non-consistent use of the 'internal technical / safety standards required in the country where the product is used, or damage incurred during transport to or from the buyer.
4. If at any time during the warranty period any part or parts of the product are replaced with parts or parts not supplied or approved by ReSPR, or of a quality and safety suitable for the product, or if the product has been dismantled or repaired by a person not authorized by ReSPR, the buyer will not be given rights and / or remedies covered by this warranty.
5. The sole and only remedy under this buyer's warranty against ReSPR is for the repair, or at the discretion of ReSPR, the replacement of the product or any part or parts of the product and any other remedy, including, but not limited to, any claim for incidental or consequential damages or losses of any kind, will not be available to the buyer.
6. Any repaired or replaced product or part of the product will be covered to the original buyer only for the length of the unexpired portion of the original warranty.
7. If a product is returned for repair after the warranty period or has suffered damage not covered by this warranty, ReSPR Technologies will be able to carry out the repair for a reasonable cost and the buyer will be advised of the cost before ReSPR Technologies proceeds with the repair.
8. Any product or part of the defective product that has been replaced will become the property of ReSPR.
9. Decisions of ReSPR on any matter related to complaints and products reported under this warranty will be final.
This warranty is in addition and does not affect in any way other rights or statutes of consumers buyers. This is the only warranty that applies to this product.
Product warranty periods:
  • HVAC unit/INDUCT(all of them) - 1 year

  • Fresh Air - 2 year

  • Ecobox - 1 year

  • Eagle 5000 - 2 year

Specific objects excluded
  • cella PCO - 90 year

  • Purification plate - 90 year

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